When a Crisis Occurs, How Should a Business Respond?

An image of hurricane sandy volunteering organizing donations of productsThere is a lot of talk that comes out of Washington about the evil nature of greedy business.  This, like most generalizations out of Washington, is shallow and does nothing to address the real issues of  wealth distribution in America. Fact of the matter is, you can learn a lot about a business by how it responses when a disaster occurs.

Disaster Response and Relief

When Hurricane Sandy struck the area in which we live and manufacture  (New Jersey),  we, along with thousands of small and large companies, utilized our logistics systems to rapidly replace destroyed product and quickly donate product to those in need.  Little things like smelling clean can make all the difference to a person struggling with day to day living in a crisis.  So our products (with no fanfare or big PR campaign) were sent to the churches and synagogues that organized donation distribution of all sorts  in the days immediately after the storm.  We don’t expect ‘thank you’s or anything like that. It’s just part of how good businesses respond to a crisis. These are our friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans and disaster help is our way of giving back to them.

A ‘Thanks’ to Hurricane Sandy Volunteers and Donations

The other day we received a particularly moving email giving thanks to our hurricane donations.  I wanted to share it because it speaks to our actions and our product:

My name is ———,   my Grandmother, husband and 2 children where displaced with Hurricane Sandy, losing ALL of our Belongings and Home.  Well,  through the good people who have been volunteering giving out food/clothes/and personal items.  We were given your products…well, I have to say that ‘ I LOVE them’…”

By posting it, I want to say thank you to all of our associates and to the amazing Hurricane Sandy volunteers who worked so hard in the dark weeks after the storm.