“The 29.36%” Does Not Sound Like The “1%”

A couple sitting on chairs overlooking the town

The June 22, 2016 Wall Street Journal had a front page chart illustrating that (au contraire!) the fastest growing demographic segment is not the 99%, but the upper middle class. In fact the upper middle class has DOUBLED since 1979 and now represents 29% of the American population. Wow! So much for left or right wing political “narratives”…

We never accepted the New England state with the best ice cream view of American demographics as a few haves vs all of the have-nots. American wealth is dynamic in its creation and destruction. The dramatic movement of families up and down the economic ladder is common. What’s amazing is how a family that moves up the economic scale, still keeps their core values and shops the dollar stores even though they could afford elsewhere. That might even be “news fit to print”.