Logos, Emojis and Shakespeare Meet Great Design

It’s Waterloo time for brands as the sea of private label obsessed retailers low ball their way across the globe leveraging technology and new distribution channels to blitzkrieg around the branded “Maginot Lines”.

Design is where brands can beat private label whose masters and commanders are less obsessed with design than with margins. So it was with pleasure that I heard Michael Bierut one of the best designers of our age is coming out with a new book titled Now You See It and Other Essays on Design. It’s a series of essays which can lead you to some of his other works which will inspire you to design higher.

In a hundred years there will not be a single private label brand displayed in the Museum of Modern Art. But hopefully one of yours (or our) brands will be featured. Read this terrific and witty interview about Bierut and I promise you’ll feel the potential for design. How can you not enjoy a writer who says, “My favorite cartoon character is Wile E. Coyote. He had this endless faith and brand loyalty and never thought to try the competition even though Acme products failed him time and time again.”

Free to download Bierut-designed emoji

Emoji by Michael Bierut

Mirror Mirror on the iPhone…

Housewares is not a consumer category that screams for technology, but sometimes a company breaks through with design that stands out for both form and function. Recently a company called Simple Human planted its flag in the housewares section. Their slogan is, “we design tools that help people become more efficient at home.”

With well thought out garbage cans, auto dispensing liquid soap machines, and the best personal makeup mirror in the market, they are the leader in blending technology with the every day tools of the kitchen and bathroom.  My favorite is their makeup mirror. With LED lighting that can be set via your phone to mimic lighting conditions of an office or a restaurant, a woman (excuse the transition) or a man, can see how their face looks under the varied light conditions of the day or evening.

Sadly I need something that does not exactly replicate the middle age face I’ve caught staring at me some mornings, but that may be a technology too far away!

The Roots of Great Design!

At A.P Deauville, next to fragrances, we believe strong designs in packaging and label art work make great products. So we always keep an eye out for design stories or fun articles about design and share them- even if they have nothing to do with armpits, hair care, or as we say, making the world a cleaner and better smelling place!
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