Augmented Reality Does Not Bite

If you are going to take a break from digital “bliss” by putting your phone down, take the time to read this Harvard Business Review primer on augmented reality. “Augmented” is not the same as the “virtual” reality which your children love and of which you make fun.  Augmented reality bridges physical reality with the data that all of the machines around us are generating utilizing a screen attached to our face (aka glasses).  Think of a heads up display on a fighter jet.

So you can be on a plant floor, retail store, trading floor, or hospital and see the reality in front of you merged with the data that can assist you in making better and faster decisions. It’s well worth the read and sitting with your team to think through the implications for your business. One way we hope to use this technology is with our mechanical team so they can access repair manuals in front of the machine instead of going back to a terminal. Download the app before reading the article and it will literally jump out at you from your phone. This reality does not bite!

The Internet of Things: Really Understand the Next Wave

From printing a gun to machines that talk to each other, we all hear about this next step in the internet and its version 2.0 of connecting all “things” after it connected all “people” in version 1.0. But this is the mass media view and we need to go deeper in these early days to understand that the new internet of things is essentially creating a world of even bigger “big data.”

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The Brandless Walking Dead

I just returned from the annual private label manufacturers (PLMA) trade show. It’s where retailers go to find generic manufacturers who can credibly place the retailer’s name or house brand on a “quality” knockoff of the category leading brand. Compared to the high energy of the natural products expo (east or west), the pulse bordered post apocalyptic. Except for the keynote address…….

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World’s First Virtual Shopping Store: Is This the Future?


“World’s First Virtual Shopping Store opens in Korea. All the Shelves are in fact LCD Screens. Users Choose their desired items by touching the LCD screen and checkout at the counter in the end to have all their ordered stuff packed in Bags.”  Continue reading “World’s First Virtual Shopping Store: Is This the Future?”