Starting a Business; The Entrepreneurs Inspiration of AP Deauville

 Business Inspiration

The cover of John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism BookAs a consumer marketing addict in heart and mind, I read a lot about “products”.  One of my favorite daily reads is published by Tim Manners of also called Hub Magazine. In a recent Cool News of the Day post, he writes “Even the most determined profit-maximizers may find ideas” in John Mackeys new book “that challenge deeply held beliefs,” writes Alan Murray in The Wall Street Journal (1/17/13). Mackey, of course, is the founder of  Whole Foods, and along with Bentley College marketing professor Raj Sisodia is co-author of Conscious Capitalism. In it, they seek to re-define “the true nature of capitalism.” Continue reading “Starting a Business; The Entrepreneurs Inspiration of AP Deauville”