The “Friendly” Skys

There are few more cathartic consumer experiences than writing a hostile, customer complaint letter to a large corporation.  I had the pleasure of United Airlines providing me with the glorious opportunity to wage war with my pen.  My letter below to the CEO, Oscar Munoz,  did not earn me a free ticket, but it earned me a few extra miles for the effort and simply felt great.

From: <>

To: <>,
Cc: <>
Subject: Ua84r ewr to tlv 

Dear Oscar,

I know it’s been a rough time lately at United, but you really have issues if my Tel-Aviv flight today is typical (and you know as well as I that bad product is usually system wide and not one off.) You can change the name of your Business First service to Polaris as many times as you want along with the new Saks blankets,  but the service on this flight was more business “Last” than Polaris. If you have bedding, should they not be offered? If you have coffee in the AM, should it not be offered? Never mind a refill. Are bathrooms (note plural) without trash spilling out too much to ask? Do you ever fly Delta or even Emirates business to learn a trick or two? Lufthansa? Not a people known for bedside manner, but they’ve clearly been ordered to smile! Ever eat in a good French restaurant where staff ask you if you need anything or are proactive?  Maybe you are having a labor slow down? I would fire this cabin crew or drop them in the polar ice for a week to contemplate the word service or that misnomer for service called Polaris. Anyway thanks for reminding me why marketing without great product is simply fraud. Regards. Fred Horowitz. Seat 11e.