We Were Featured in the New Yorker!

It’s not often I can comment on a well written industry relevant story where we are the main part of the story. Enjoy the read even if it finishes with a bit of the “New Yorker” echo chamber view of the world. The reality is that our part of the “highway” is always at risk from over regulation and unfair tax policies that challenge entrepreneurial companies disproportionately than our larger established competitors. But that’s the best part of the American highway…You can always move!

Read the Full New Yorker article written by Adam Davidson HERE.




Will Our Grandchildren Have Wrinkles?

Towards the end of Summer, when I stepped out of the workaday rhythm, I read the most interesting piece of the summer season. Written by Jamie Metzl, an old political friend who ran for Congress a few years ago, his book the Genesis Code  is about the furious pace that genetics is challenging basic assumptions of what it means to be human. You might ask what does genetic engineering have to do with cosmetics?

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Just My ‘Magination!

Women’s Wear Daily’s Beauty Inc. Magazine had a recent story about technology in beauty products. They quote the head of P&G’s Global Beauty, “Imagine a lipstick that can tell you when it’s time to reapply or a lotion that can give you feedback about your skin’s health.” How do we merge beauty-personal care and technology?

We are in the deodorant business which means we are really in the everyday fragrance business.  Will we  be selling Power Stick in a pill that makes you sweat less and smell like mandarin orange under the “pits”?  Not far fetched.   Can we start to really personalize shampoo from the handful of major hair types to hundreds of sub types? At what price point? Continue reading “Just My ‘Magination!”