You Are What You Eat! Food and Beauty Converge Beyond Supplements

In a perfectly headlined story called Beauty Bites, Women’s Wear Daily writes, “Beauty companies are marketing foods the same way they sell concoctions to boost skin radiance. The result is a new category: beauty foods.”  And it’s not just natural and organic products. Even Perricone is launching a “Hydrogen” water. The price points are extreme with items selling at $70 per unit, or in the case of the water, at $3.00 per can or $29 “bars”.  Burt’s Bees just launched a protein powder including one for “healthy radiance” at a $29 price point. Not exactly priced for mass, but stay tuned.

This is a taste of the future. It’s only a matter of time before a Dove Bar ice cream and a Dove face cream make similar claims. Many successful personal care brands will find they have easy extensions into performance oriented foods. So sip your detox tea and feel the glow from the inside out while you leverage that brand equity!