Starting a Business; The Entrepreneurs Inspiration of AP Deauville

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The cover of John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism BookAs a consumer marketing addict in heart and mind, I read a lot about “products”.  One of my favorite daily reads is published by Tim Manners of also called Hub Magazine. In a recent Cool News of the Day post, he writes “Even the most determined profit-maximizers may find ideas” in John Mackeys new book “that challenge deeply held beliefs,” writes Alan Murray in The Wall Street Journal (1/17/13). Mackey, of course, is the founder of  Whole Foods, and along with Bentley College marketing professor Raj Sisodia is co-author of Conscious Capitalism. In it, they seek to re-define “the true nature of capitalism.” Their essential argument is that “entrepreneurs who start successful businesses don’t do so to maximize profits … They are inspired to do something that they believe needs doing. The heroic story of free-enterprise capitalism is one of entrepreneurs using their dreams and passion as fuel to create extraordinary value for customers, team members, suppliers, society, and investors.”

The Power Stick Value

So what does this have to do with armpits and bodywash? We started this company because there was a void in the market. There were no brands that gave great quality at a fair price. We understand the meaning of the 99%.  The major brands represent high priced product that pays for a lot of fancy Park Avenue headquarters and advertising agency martinis.  We believe that working people can spend their money in better places. It could be for basics such as food, rent or school. Or use the savings to have a great night out with friends.  That’s why we are committed to giving the best quality product. Our guiding mission is the best for less. We could make more money and use less fragrance or less active ingredients, but we don’t.  We want the consumer to love our brand as much as any other in the market. We cut our costs with reduced “overhead”. That means we have no assistants in the office, our offices are in a factory building (far even from a Starbucks!), and we are highly automated.  So we can improve customers living standards while making money. This is Conscious Capitalism with Intensity!

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