Merchandising Design; Role in Brand Storytelling & Customer Experience

Merchandising and package design of products
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I recently visited NUTS.COM and had a phenominal customer experience. But the highlight, for this consumer product fanatic, was the product packaging design of both the nuts and the shipping box. If you want to see great marketing and merchandising design, place an order (we don’t get commission) and enjoy the taste of brilliant customer touch from box to package.

At Power Stick, we think merchandising design plays a huge role in customer experience and brand storytelling.  We can all learn a little something about telling the story of our brands from the nuts at NUTS.COM.

US Fertility Rates; Something Left and Right Armpits Can Agree Upon

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A new book called “What To Expect When No One Is Expecting: America’s Coming Demographic Disaster” by Jonathan V. Last, addresses the key issue facing our country during the next 40 years.  There is a baby bust and left wing, right wing, center or even unborn, are going to feel the effects.  According to Last, since 1960 the US fertility rate has dropped from 3.7 to 1.9 and he reports there are four times as many pets in America than children (we need to launch Power Stick for pets!).  America is not leading this trend but we are well on our way towards joining the current leaders.  He brilliantly notes that in 2011 the Japanese purchased more diapers for adults than children!

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Environmental Awareness and Sustainability Is Inherently Good Business

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I recently attended one of our industry conferences (lots of big Midwestern types selling chemicals that make bubbles!) and there was an enormous focus on sustainability. The great part of this was the realization that everyone who works for a big chemical company is quite often a parent and someone who really cares about the environment and world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren.

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25% of 401k Holders Raid Their Retirement Fund!

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According to HelloWallet and their most recent study about 401k contributions, over 25% of those using a 401k “break” the 401k and borrow from it before retiring. This “fact” received wide attention. But buried deeper in the report was the really mind-blowing data.  “As of 2010, about 40 percent of households included a worker with access to a defined contribution program and 79 percent of those actively participated in it…” Continue reading “25% of 401k Holders Raid Their Retirement Fund!”

Dollar General Expansion: Opening Over 630 Stores in 2013!

Dollar General logoDollar General projected that it will open over 630 new stores and relocate over 500 other stores as they cross the 11,000 store count level. We have partnered with them for the past 10 years and have been thrilled with their aggressive and laser focused growth. Walmart’s addition of new SKU is going to challenge them, but our bet is that both will succeed as they eat market share from the traditional slotting fee blinded grocery and drug channels of business. Continue reading “Dollar General Expansion: Opening Over 630 Stores in 2013!”

Best Selling Men’s Dollar Store Body Products

Line up of the different scents of Power Stick Body Sprays

We recently became the best selling men’s body spray, body wash and anti-perspirant sold in the dollar store trade channel according to a Leading Data Company (we can’t publicize their name or they charge us more and then we would have to charge our customers more!). It took us ten years to beat the big brands not just in units but in total dollar sales.  A long time but worth waiting for. Great product  Great price. And of course the best customers.    Go Power Stick!

When a Crisis Occurs, How Should a Business Respond?

An image of hurricane sandy volunteering organizing donations of productsThere is a lot of talk that comes out of Washington about the evil nature of greedy business.  This, like most generalizations out of Washington, is shallow and does nothing to address the real issues of  wealth distribution in America. Fact of the matter is, you can learn a lot about a business by how it responses when a disaster occurs. Continue reading “When a Crisis Occurs, How Should a Business Respond?”

Starting a Business; The Entrepreneurs Inspiration of AP Deauville

 Business Inspiration

The cover of John Mackey's Conscious Capitalism BookAs a consumer marketing addict in heart and mind, I read a lot about “products”.  One of my favorite daily reads is published by Tim Manners of also called Hub Magazine. In a recent Cool News of the Day post, he writes “Even the most determined profit-maximizers may find ideas” in John Mackeys new book “that challenge deeply held beliefs,” writes Alan Murray in The Wall Street Journal (1/17/13). Mackey, of course, is the founder of  Whole Foods, and along with Bentley College marketing professor Raj Sisodia is co-author of Conscious Capitalism. In it, they seek to re-define “the true nature of capitalism.” Continue reading “Starting a Business; The Entrepreneurs Inspiration of AP Deauville”

Sweating Inaugurations

The America flag flapping gracefully in the wind

Even for those who did not vote for the winner, today is a day to smile for America. Orderly transfers (or renewal) of power are few and far between for most of the world’s citizens.  Of course our salute is not to the politicians, but to the workers who made the inauguration. Setting up on the mall, working the events, even designing the clothes are all done under incredible pressure that combines the usual day to day pressure of our working lives with historic implications for any failures.  If there were ever a NO SWEAT moment, an inauguration is it.  POWER (Stick) to the People!

Why we are made in America

Many of our friends and customers have asked us why we produce almost all of our products in our own factory in scenic New Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s not because it could be confused for one of the great armpits of the world (and how do we love arm pits!). It’s because we can mix our sales marketing and R&D team with our manufacturing team in one location. Speed to market, great new ideas from collaboration give rise to great product and perfect customer service. The quote below from from Cool news at (one of this marketing guy’s favorite morning reads) is a bit tech focused, but speaks for all of us who’ve kept alive the torch of American manufacturing.  Made in the USA works!

As GE’s Michael Idelchik explains: “We believe rather than a sequential process where you look at a product design and then how to manufacture it, there is a simultaneous process … We think it is key for sustaining our long-term competitive advantage.”