Food Industry News; I’ll Have What “She’s Having!”

Images of candy and packaging
Bryce Vickmark for The New York Times

In the movie “When Harry Met Sally” there is a great deli scene that needs no repetition here. But if I read the New York Times correctly, Silicon Valley is making another run at the food industry. The last time this happened, we were graced with some real winners like WebVan “of blessed memory”.  But this time it’s different the Times tells us.  And it really is. Lots of food technology improvement that could drive costs out of the bloated industry or create sustainable protein sources. Of course what’s not different is the relentless newly minted MBA focus to sell oneself and not the mass market.

The article quotes a future master of the universe “Consumers are interested in sophisticated experiences that are beautifully delivered, which we’ve seen happen on the web and with products like the iPhone.”  He’s right in the high end market, but at the moment I’d rather own Samsung than Apple.  The mass market needs function and price. Form is great, but function and price will always beat form.  The big money will be made behind the scenes. Printable RFID that can reduce inventory throughout the food industry, less box/square based packaging and more pouches. It’s nice to get “plated food” to your door, but that’s not the solution for 130 million households…

It’s going to be fun watching round 2.0 of the madness……and I’ll have what they are having any time!