Disco Chic Under Your Arms? It Leads To A Better Place…….

Camels in a field

A friend in the venture capital world just sent me this story about an interesting idea that brings unit-dosing technology mixed with disco era chic to an anti-perspirant near you….. I’m sure there is a market for the product, but the more interesting discovery was the website that curated the story: www.nocamels.com

As the world fixates upon the self destructive behaviors that occupy most populations and governments in the middle east, the Israelis plug forward building an innovative and open country that should be the model for the region.  The No Camels web site summarizes the latest in Israeli venture deals by industry and is a showcase of what you’ll read about in next year’s Wall Street Journal.  It’s a great way to see what might by coming towards your industry sooner than later.

What the founders of the site may not know is that camel milk is one of the best cosmetic products that exists (full of powerfull natural healing chemistry) and finding a way to commercially develop the milk and related products has huge potential for all of the middle east and is actively being worked on in Israeli labs.  So take a look at the future with NO CAMELS, but know that someone is working hard in the Israeli way to say “YES CAMELS!”