Time and Tide Wait For No Man…

A time piece set in the sand on a beach

Time is money. I take pride in the 35 dollar (only at Wal-Mart) plastic fantastic Timex I wear almost every day. Of course deep down, I only want to wear my vintage Phillipe Patek as a testament and memorial to the deep courage of the friend who gave it to me.

Those moments where a watch is much more than time is the message of a brilliant new company that is taking the Warby Parker model of eyewear and moving it to timepieces. Leonard & Church is a company built on the premise of using the web to bring quality and ageless taste to the $95-$145 price point. At their price points, it’s another bullet aimed at the department stores. Better quality, design and price thanks to a consumer direct and Kickstarter funded model. It’s time to change how we watch time fly.